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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  We're getting ready to travel. What should we capture with photos and video?
Download Adoption Journey Moments shot list.

Q.  Where do we start?
First you will organize your photos, video and documents to best tell your story. We recommend using Post-It-Notes to number the backs of the photos and documents.  The numbers will tell us the order that you want them to appear.  While organizing the order, if you change your mind, just remove or change the number on the Post-It-Note.  Make sure you use ink that will not smear.   If you would like a title or
text superimposed on a photo, you can also write it on the Post-It-Note that corresponds with the photo.  PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY!  Also use large envelopes to keep each group of photos, documents and music CDs organized.  Write on the outside of each envelope the name of the song(s) that you want played with the photos and any title that you want for the beginning that group of photos.  It's also a good idea to select several extra songs in case we run short of music.

For your video, number your tapes.  Make sure your tapes are rewound and counter is reset to 0:00:00.  When you find scenes you wish to have included in your video, write down the time code when the clip begins and also when you want it to end.  Do this with each video clip you want included.  A short description is the beginning and ending of each scene is also helpful.

Once you have all of your photos numbered and your video clips selected, it really helps to compile a project worksheet.  You would start by indicating the title you would like at the beginning of the first portion of the video along with the song selection(s) you want played.  Then you would indicate the video clips, along with their time codes and a brief description of the video clip, and then the photos.  If you would like photos first, that's okay too.  There may be some video clips you wish to retain the actual audio.  Please indicate clearly if you would like this done.  The music would be lowered or eliminated from those portions.  Photos and video can be combined; however, they need to be in groups.  For example, video clips of Day 1 would be followed by photos taken on the same day.

I hope this doesn't sound too complicated.  You have a lot of work ahead of you, but you will be so glad when the final product is "just what you wanted!"  We will do our best to accommodate all of your editing decisions.

Q.  What about Music?
You may customize your video with your own music.  Provide us your selections on CD.  Remember the music you select will set the mood of your video. Try to use both sentimental and upbeat songs so that your video can evoke the entire emotional spectrum from laughter to tears.  As long as your video is used for home use and you purchased the music on CD, there is no copyright infringement.  When you place your order, you should mail us your CDs. They will be returned along with your photos.  Your photos will be edited to the music and will appear for 5 – 7 seconds as they transition from photo to photo.

 Download song suggestions

Q.  How do we get you our materials?
To ship your photos, documents music etc, we recommend using Priority Mail from the USPS, FedEx, UPS or Airborne.  Make sure you use delivery confirmation.

Q.  Payment?
We require half of the balance when we start your project and the balance is due upon completion.  We accept personal checks, money orders, and most major credit cards and also Paypal